Ripples of April 2021
Meeting gaveled to order by Commodore Wayne Eichelkraut at 6:31 p.m.
Wayne asked for a moment of silence for Brian Gray.
Secretary’s Report: Michele Armstrong, read minutes of March meeting, these minutes were approved as read by membership.
Treasurer’s Report: Barb Foster, Income and debt of club were read and approved by membership.
Special Thank you to Dave Baxter for the work he did in making a program that eased the process for us to handle the public for our fish fries, thank you again Dave.
Vice Commodore: Ed Roloff, Special thanks to bar stockers Rob Phelps and Jim Heth for March. Also still a few openings for bar stockers for 2021, please feel free to fill these openings.
Recreation Chair: Roberta Roloff, The Easter Bunny Breakfast was a hit, kids enjoyed breakfast with the Easter Bunny, Real bunnies, and “one of the biggest I have ever seen,” made a nice cameo at the Children’s Easter Party. Thanks to Annie Speaks for them. Great job by co-chairs Brittany Hill and Tracy O’fallon. All the little ones left screaming for more. Special thanks to all involved in this annual event giving something back to our little boaters.
Upcoming events Shipwreck Weekend at Spring Valley first week of June.  
Family Fun Day June 21, 2021 chaired by John and Amanda Crouch, mark your calendars for this big event. Will Annie ride the water slide?
Kids Fishing Rodeo in late July startup for Ottawa’s Friendship Days.”
Venetian Boat Parade is back for Friendship week, Who can unseat shoreline for the title of best appearing boat, it’s a “bright future for this winner”.
Big Pontoon trip to Spring Valley in August, the 21st Chairperson Debbie Garzanelli can be notified if you have extra seats that need filled.
And the Ducky Derby September 5, will feature our Fall Steak Fry as a draw also, this maybe our biggest event this year so stay tuned for one of the last events of the summer. Any event at Shoreline Boat Club is a happening.
Membership Chairman: Jim Stalker, Like to introduce for their first meeting prospective members Kevin and Shelley Kveton, both hail out of Ottawa, Illinois they are active boaters, and look forward to belonging to Shoreline Boat Club. They were both given a brief intro by sponsors Dave and Paula Pascoe, and Ed and Roberta Roloff.
Clubhouse Chair: Jeff Mackiewicz, We are going to attempt to rent the backroom with restrictions, only immediate family, covid policy during events are to be followed for you and your guests saftey. Signup sheets for Club House cleanup, and Bathroom cleanup are posted. Please feel free to partake.
Club grounds Chair: John Crouch, Asked for a motion for $2900 for gravel for the north end of the lagoon
Area that normally resembles the Labrea Tar pit of mud. This motion was raised to $4000 by Craig Godwin, this passed by membership and this area will look different and well-groomed for the spring months.
Lagoon Chair: Greg Farmer, Please be mindful of your floatation under your dock legs, some barrels have leaked and are taking on water.
April 17 at 10:00 a.m. outside docks are going to be installed, please be down if you are on the outside, “Don’t be that guy”, and not help with the installation, we have no idea how your docks and security lines are all connected, be down here and lend a hand.
Island Chair: John Crouch speaking for Ryan Garzanelli, The Island docks will be installed first, North End dock legs will be finished next, swing set brought in from Waltham school next, and then we will start on the Island projects proposed early this spring. Lots of work hours will be offered for members this year.
Old and new business:
Wayne Eichelkraut said we are looking into the feasibility of dredging the lagoon in the near future.
Motion to adjourn at 7:02 p.m.
May Birthdays
6        Dee Stalker
7       Chico Corsolini
18      Lois Drackley
19      Bill Jones
24      Jim Jarigese
25      Dennis Murry
31      Andrea Weakley
May Anniversaries
7        Ed & Mary Kackert
13      Jim & Candy Jarigese
19      Dewayne & Barb Foster
22      Mike & Athena Farrell
29      Larry & Susie Fleming
31      Ryan & Debbie Garzenelli

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