Shoreline Boat Club
September Ripples 2020
Meeting gaveled to order by Wayne Eichelkraut at 6:32 p.m.
Wayne asked for a moment of silence for Betty Lebeau’s mom.
Wayne Eichelkraut, advised member’s cameras are monitoring our behavior in regards to wearing masks in our club. They were installed last week by the state, and our behavior in regards to Covid-19 restrictions will be watched, and we will be fined for noncompliance and could face loss of revenue from machines or loss of club privileges.
 This is non debatable and Wayne asks to adhere to IDPH guidelines, wear a mask, when entering the club and around the camera areas.
Jim Shanley asked,” Do we have to wear the masks while drinking at bar or tables”, Wayne replied no, but adhere to six feet social distancing and wearing masks upon entering the club and while at gaming devices.
Secretary’s Report: Michele Armstrong, minutes were read and approved by members for August’s meeting.
Financial Report: Barb Foster, Monthly expenditures were read and approved by members.
Vice Commodore’s Report: Ed Roloff, Like to thank all bar stockers for August, and a friendly reminder that you are required to have a Bassett Certificate current, to step behind the bar and bartend, it the law. Please renew this certificate online garner a receipt and the club will reimburse you for your costs.
Recreation Report: Roberta Roloff, Big thank you for Ryan Garzanelli, his crew for cleaning up the Island for our Island party, and club challenge, at Shorelines Island the place looked fantastic, and fun was had by the 49 people that arrived and enjoyed themselves. Also found out Ryan must have been a blacksmith in a prior life as he is pretty handy with horseshoes.
 As stated last meeting this Covid thingie has put a damper on our recreation area, we are planning several fall items are cancelled, but  two parties for sure one bears game, and one party to be announced soon so check your emails………..
Membership Chairman: Gerry Burkart,
For his second meeting Derek Behrens, sponsored by Tammy Baker and Ralph Conrad.
And for his first meeting, upon asking for reinstatement Geno Francione, sponsored by Larry Michaels and John Criswell.
We have 94 Regular Members, 26 Associate Members, and 13 Special Members
Island Chairman: Ryan Garzanelli, like to thank all the people that took time and helped me with the Island this year, it looks great, ton of hard work, and it really is a showplace, once again to all of you thank you.
It may also at this time be worth mentioning thank you to all that have helped with the tree removal on the south end of our property. We know a lot of you had your own property damaged, but thanks to you the good neighbor policy in regards to our surrounding properties and keeping peace with them is still in effect. Wayne Eichelkraut  JWS
Under old Business: Denny Gray asked,” How does one get a dock before they are actually a member.”
“Why do we have bylaws if we are not going to follow them”?
Wayne stated he questioned that before it is not right, and according to bylaws not to happen. But it has been done in the past, unfortunately no one from Lagoon committee is on grounds to explain this. This looks like it will be addressed in the future.
Motion to adjourn at 7:33 p.m.

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