January Ripples
Wayne Eichelkraut gaveled meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.
Secretary’s Report: Michele Armstrong, received a thankyou note from the Patty Knoblauch family. Minutes from December’s meeting were read and approved by members.
Vice Commodore’s Report: Ed Roloff, Thanked all that voted for him, He would like to thank all bar stockers. And a list for bar stockers for 2020 is on the board. Reiterated that 2020 is the year of the volunteer.
Recreation Chair: Fish fry sign-up sheets are up, please help yourself. Reminder that Winter Games are in Morton February 21-22, 2020.
Brief Report by Roberta Roloff on the status of our local charity fund.
And then Wayne Eichelkraut took the floor in regards to offering the Charity Chair to Roberta Roloff as a non-voting e board member. The rule of one member on e-board has been in place since 1954. This is under the stipulation that it cannot be a voting spot since Ed Roloff, is already on the board. Craig Godwin stated he did not think this was an e-board spot. Wayne asked for a motion for this, Chico Corsolini made the motion and Craig Godwin seconded, all were in favor of this, it passed. Bert is your new Rec. Chairman.
Membership Chairman: Gerry Burkart, to be voted on for her third meeting will be Tiffany Apfel, her sponsors briefly talked on her behalf, Gary Modesitt and Sheila spoke for her. A vote was done and welcome Tiffany to the Shoreline Boat Club. Dues are due at the end of January so keep this in mind, and if you had a leg put on your dock you have a year to pay for this $ 300.00.
Clubhouse Chair: Jeff Mackiewicz, Like to thank Ed Roloff in talking me into this. Two sign-up sheets for bathroom and bar-room for 2020 , easy hours. The deep-fryers need cleaned, Ralph Conrad and I will be offering an instructional cleanup day January 12, 2020 at 10:00a.m., if anyone would be interested in learning and helping we will welcome the help. Also Paperwork needs to be filled out and cleared with me before you rent the backroom, this is on a first come first serve basis, please comply with this wish. We are giving away a signed Burgee to Irma at her restaurant in Yorkville, please sign this it is on the counter in the kitchen area. We are going noonish on February 1, 2020 a bus trip is planned please call Roberta Roloff in this regards. Our new rec chairwoman.
Club grounds: Larry Michaels, Thank all that have helped keep the grounds in great shape. The burn pile out back will be addressed soon.
Lagoon Chair: Greg Farmer, when lagoon freezes over we will pull the bank poles of docks, so no damage will be sustained.
Island Chair: Ryan Garzanelli, Looking to purchase a barge of sorts to move equipment out to the Island, safer than the tooner, “at times that is like an E ticket ride at Disney World”, you all should try it, not very safe. Something to transfer 25000 to 30000 pounds of equipment. Also we need to address the docks that are in ill repair on the island, need some TLC, and it would not hurt to have a nice pad for mowers.
New Business: Gaming pad is down for the month of February, so don’t bother to register till then.
We need a snow blower (battery powered) for the sidewalks. Motion was made by Craig Godwin, seconded by Pete Cook for $300 for its purchase.  
Ole Business: Candy Jarigese brought up that we have 6 or more with Illnesses in the club and reaching out to them would help, as well as cheer them up. On a one on one basis all will be called and word sent out, as well as an address to send a card. Great idea Candy……..
In closing Wayne Eichelkraut brought up an antiquated rule that a board member misses a combo of three meetings in a row and he can be removed. It is possible in a month and a half to do this and it may have to be revisited as a change in bylaws. Nothing has been done in this regards at this time.
Motion to adjourn by Craig Godwin at 7:10 p.m.        Next meeting is on February 7, 2020
February Birthdays
1        Don Sladek
1        Jeff Stalker
1        Kim Brewer
9        Angie Lowe
11      Jim Ostrem
11      Ann Walleck
12      Sandy Burkart
15      John Ewers
17      Jim Rice
18      Georgia Brown
19      Marla Newman
20      Sean Glover
22      Kayla Nuehror
23      Duane Duncan
23      Randy Goestch
24      Brian Allen
24      Larry Fleming
25      Jason Inskeep
26      Helen Roth
28      Randy Larson
February  Anniversaries
1        Larry & DeAnn Whitaker
5        Sam & Jane Moreno
14      Art & Betty LeBeau
15      Kevin & Karen Bramel