Ripples May 2021
Meeting was called to order at 6:31 PM by Vice Commodore, Ed Roloff.
Present: Michele Armstrong, Greg Farmer, Barb Foster, Jeff Mackiewicz, Ed Roloff,
Roberta Roloff
Absent: John Crouch, Wayne Eichelkraut, Ryan Garzanelli, Jim Stalker
41 Club Members were present.
A moment of silence was held for Pat O’fallen’s mother.
Secretary –Michele  Armstrong read the minutes of April 9, 2021.
No Communications.
Treasurer – Barb Foster read the treasurer’s report for the month of April income and expenses were read and approved by membership.
Vice Commodore – Ed Roloff thanked members for their patience through the past months
When Covid restrictions limiting activities at the Club. He thanked bar stockers and said there are
Still some open spots for future bar stockers
Recreation – Roberta Roloff reported the Mother’s Day Steak Fry and Miss River bottom have
Been canceled. Upcoming events are Kid’s Fishing Derby July 29 th , City of Ottawa’s Venetian
Boat Parade July 31 st , Pontoon Trip August 7 th , Family Fun Day August 21 st . Spring Valley Boat
Club Shipwreck Weekend June 4 th – 6 th .
Charity – Roberta Roloff reported Charity Fund stands at $5,307.72. She held a Corn Hole
Tournament on April 10 th . Winners of the tournament and the 50/50 drawing donated their
winnings totaling $155.00 back to the Charity Fund. A Ducky Derby will be on September 5 th
more details will follow.
Membership – Stalker was absent. Ed Roloff introduced prospective members Kevin and Shelly
Kveton to their second meeting, Sponsored by Ed Roloff and Roberta and Dan and Paula Pascoe.
He introduced prospective member Brian Edgett, son of Tess Weisbrock. His first meeting, His sponsors are Ryan Garzanelli and Tess Weisbrock.
Prospective member Curt Read, his first meeting, Sponsors are Jeff Mackiewicz and Jim Heth.
Club House – Jeff Mackiewicz said Covid restrictions have begun to lift allowing up to 75 people in
the backroom. He has a few backroom rentals on the calendar. Rentals are still for members
immediate families only at this time. He thanked those who put the new bar stools tops on. There
are open spots on the board for members to sign up for projects and get their work hours.
Grounds – Crouch was absent. Ed Roloff reported gravel had been put down for the camper
area and a couple of campers have been brought in. Boats and trailers that are not in use need to
be moved off the premises. Mowers are in need of repair. He will ask John to look into it.
Lagoon – Greg Farmer said members should check their dock legs for damage before putting their
Boats in. Many have had the welds break. He has repaired many of them. He could use some
Island – Garzanelli was absent. Ed said the Island docks had been taken out to the Island. The
ramps have not been put in place yet. He warned members to be careful when getting on the
And a special thank you to Michele Armstrong for typing and sending me the minutes to this meeting in my absence.
There was no unfinished or new business.
Meeting Adjourned at 6:58 PM
June Birthdays
4        Wayne Crouch
6        Lyle Nelson
9        Tiffany Apfel
13       Dave Hall
15      Ron Bernard
18      Randy Jackson
21      Lee Crum
21      Steve Pitstick
21      Sandy Warner
22      Anne Criswell
22      Jerry Wiesbrock
23      Ed Roloff
24      Mike Budach
28      Terry Muffler
28      Larry Whitaker
30      Dave Roth
June Anniversaries
4        Chris & Janelle Clark
6        Jim & Sheila Hollenbeck
14      Lyle & Char Nelson
22      Dan & Janet Heider
22      Doug & Sarah Shumway
24      Bill & Lore Jones
25      Jeff & Staci Horner
28      Patrick & Tracey O'Fallon
29      Craig & Barb Godwin

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