Shoreline Boat Club
Ripples of February 2019
Wayne Eichelkraut gaveled meeting to order at 6:31 p.m.
Asked for a moment of Silence for Gary Boe’s father Harold.
Secretary’s report: Roberta Roloff, minutes from January’s meeting were read and approved by membership.
Treasurer’s Report: Barb Foster, Income and expenses were read and approved by members
Vice Commodore’s Report: Wayne explained that he appointed Steve Pitstick as Vice Commodore, as no one ran, and this needs attention.
Recreation Report: Roberta Roloff read Michele’s report, the results are in on a very successful Penguin Plunge, met and passed funds goals, and find out Thursday how well did we may have placed number 1.
Euchre Tournament February 9, 2019 very good time to be had.
February 22-24 2019 Winter Games in Morton, still rooms available come join in on the fun.
Our First Fish Fry will be March 6- April 19, 2019 please sign up sheets are on the board for both noon and supper. Many hands make light work, and your services are always welcome.
Sandy Burkart also mentioned our annual “Trip to the Valley” boat excursion may take a siesta due to work on locks this year. It may turn to a trip to the local stops between the two dams, this will be discussed further at later date.Eic
Clubhouse: Wayne Eichelkraut stated we have a few rentals this month.
Club-grounds: Larry Michaels stated,” The snow was not plowed because footing is better on snow than a sheet of ice.”
Lagoon Chairman: Greg Farmer,” keep an eye on lagoon raising and lowering during the next few weeks as it may affect our new walkways and such.”
Island Chair: Jason Inskeep” Its still there and frozen.”
New Business: Wayne Eichelkraut brought up the wish for appropriations for a “bobcat.” Rental for such is too high. although we got a fair deal last year. But we can buy one, and sell it after this lagoon project is finished, for about what we paid for it.
A motion for $17000 was asked for. Jon Crouch raised this to $25000, and was seconded. And this passed by our membership.
Motion to adjourn at 6:50 p.m.
Next Meeting will be March 9, 2019 due to Lent and fish fry’s.
March Birthdays
2        Cindy Duncan
9        Pete Cook
9        Karen Hall
9        Eric Engel
10      Sean Walker
11      Jay Inskeep
15      Les Walleck
16      Julie Stillwell
17      Joan Wheatland
17      Doug Shumway
19      Dave Abernathy
19      Mary Pitstick
22      Tim Bault
23      Mickey Lowery
27      Kevin Bramel
29      Mike Farrell
30      Eva Gray
31      Jody Bernard
March Anniversaries
15      Kevin and Karen Bramel
16      Rick & Jean Less
17      John & Anne Criswell
27      Nelson & Karen Nussbaum

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