Ripples November 1, 2019
Meeting gaveled to order by Wayne Eickelkraut at 6:32 p.m.
Secretaries Report: Bert Roloff, Minutes from October’s meeting were read and approved by membership.
Treasurers Report: Barb Foster, Monies and expenditures were read and approved by membership.
Vice Commodore’s report: Steve Pitstick, Thank all bar stockers, and we have two new buttons on cash register for asst. drinks.
Recreation Chair: Michele Armstrong, Adult Halloween party, good time was had by all that attended Adults Halloween Party. November 16, 2019 One Stop to Shop and Baked Food Sale. Bakers contact Brittany Hill and Debbie Mackiewicz. Adult Christmas Party will have a Hawaiian theme with a real pig being roasted and you are asked to wear traditional island garb. This is a big event “Huge” this will be once again hosted by Ed and Roberta Roloff, and she is asking for $600 for prizes and for merriment. Wiesy made a motion for this, and it was seconded by Tim Bault. Kids Party will be December 14 and we need a chair person.
Bert gave a brief report on our Charities for Community” fund and its status.
 Also a donation of $300 was asked by Candy Jarigese for Lesley Lowery family, as they are going thru some hard times.
Membership Chair: Gerry Burkart, Gerry was kind enough to bring us up to date in regards to Sandy’s and her recent health issues.
Brandy Glover daughter of Mike Budach has joined Shoreline, no vote necessary as she was under the age limit of 26. Welcome both Brandy and Sean Glover as members to Shoreline.
Also welcomed after a one year vote, Steve and Mary Smith to our Shoreline family.
Clubhouse Chair: Tim Bault, We have two backroom rentals for the month. Also would like to purchase two vertical chair holders for our chairs, less room and more functional. Motion made by Bob Rosencrans, and seconded by Craig Godwin.
Clubgrounds Chair: Wayne for Larry Michaels, not much and it was asked by Jerry Wiesbrock to purchase a compressor for the garage as ours is broken. Clubgrounds chair will look into it.
Lagoon Chair: Greg Farmer, Lagoon meeting Sunday November 3, at 10 a.m. Also when weather permits need to winter proof water lines. And secure docks in lagoon area. Docks will be brought in November 9, 2019 at 10 a.m. Need two 10 ft. lengths of rope to secure these.
Nothing brought up under either new or old business.
At this time accepting Nominations for E-Board slots that are open.
Commodore-Wayne Eichelkraut
Vice Commodore- open
Secretary-Michele Armstrong
Treasurer-Barb Foster
Recreation-Roberta Roloff
Membership-Gerry Burkart
Clubhouse-Tim Bault
Island Chair-Ryan Garzanelli
Motion to adjourn at 7:05 p.m. Next Meeting December 6, 2019
December Birthdays
2       Dewayne Foster
2        Bill Shields
2        Dorothy Smith
4        Lori Rossiter
4         Matthew Schock
4        Tess Wiesbrock
6        Kay Allen
15      Debbie Allen
15      Candy Jarigese
22      Janelle Clark
22      Jim Hollenbeck
29      Susie Fleming
December Anniversaries 

4       Ronnie & Tiffany Couch
7        Gary & Gail Smith
12      Terry & Amanda Muffler
13      John & Sue Mobley
22      Steve & Mary Pitstick
23      Jim and Pat Rexford
24      Ed & Roberta Roloff
28      Jim & Mary Linn Rice
31      Jay & Sherri Inskeep
31      Dave & Sue Abernathy

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